Software engineer with strong analytical skills, solid knowledge in databases and SQL, fast learner and with desire to improve myself in every way possible!

Interested mainly in backend systems, microservices, cloud technologies and DevOps culture.


Senior Software Engineer

May 2021 - Present

Senior back-end engineer wokring on the customer payments team.

  • Java, JavaEE & Spring
  • C#/ASP.NET Core
  • Docker & Kubernetes
  • Kibana
  • Jenkins CI/CD

Software Engineer

September 2019 - April 2021

Casino platform engineer working on the Game Development Module (GDM) - Game Server that provides end-to-end game development and deployment capabilities,a full integration with the Open Gaming System (OGS) and a set of variety game development tools.

  • Java, Spring, SpringBoot
  • SpringCloud - Eureka, API Gateway, Cloud Config, Hystrix
  • JUnit, Mockito, WireMock
  • Prometheus & Grafana
  • Docker & Containarization
  • Postgres
  • Jenkins CI/CD

Software Engineer

August 2017 - August 2019

Designed & develop telco and billing software solutions using mainly Java, Java EE & Spring technologies

  • Java SE, Java EE (Jakarta), Spring Framework
  • Microservices, SpringBoot
  • Hibernate, SpringData
  • Sql-Server, Oracle, MySql
  • Web Services, JAX-WS, JAX-RS (SOAP & Rest)
  • Git, SVN

Teaching & Graduated Teaching Assistant

Deprt. of Informatics and Telecommunications
  • System Programming (Spring 2019) - taught by Prof. Alex Ntoulas.
  • Operating Systems (Fall 2018 & Fall 2019) - taught by Prof. Alex Delis.
  • Object Oriented Programming (Fall 2016) - taught by Prof. Izambo Karali.


MSc in Computer Science

Oct 2018 - Present
Deprt. of Informatics and Telecommunications
  • Information and Data Management

BSc in Informatics and Telecommunications

Oct 2014 - Sept 2018
University of Athens
GPA 8.97 (top 4%) - Graduated 3/79

  • Software
  • Networking


Monsters INC - A responive HTML&CSS site I did as project for seminar "Constructing Web Pages" from HEPIS


JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures - Approximately 300hours of Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures from FreeCodeCamp